It’s always good when a company can keep a promise, even when it’s just an expected ship date. Turns out HTC was able to. Earlier today, both Verizon and Sprint confirmed launch plans for HTC’s newest flagship handset, the HTC 10. Now, HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon, has confirmed via his Twitter account that the unlocked variant of the flagship will begin shipping in the United States next week: This would line up exactly with HTC’s projected ship dates of “early May,” which the company has had on its pre-order page for the handset right out of the gate. Gordon was also able to confirm that, for those in the United Kingdom that ordered the unlocked model, the handset will begin shipping in early May as well. As is usual, the one benefit of buying an unlocked handset is a lack of any pre-installed software from carriers, plus the ability to switch carriers without much of a hassle if necessary. Did you pre-order an HTC 10?