The HTC 10 is a smartphone that many fans have been looking forward to ever since HTC released teaser trailers highlighting features of the device. Subsequently there was some controversy as AT&T was not carrying the handset directly. A month back, HTC started to take pre-orders for the device and now finally, there is some respite for fans, as the company has finally started shipping the phone out.

A week ago it was reported that the unlocked version of the handsets that were purchased as a pre-order through HTC, would be shipped shortly. This unlocked version is only compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile, not Verizon. Today, HTC USA’s Twitter account released this tweet:

— HTC USA (@HTCUSA) May 4, 2016 If you have purchased the phone through a pre-order, you are advised to check your HTC account page as a the shipping information for your HTC 10 might be available. If you did not do a pre-order, the HTC 10 is available at $699 for the 32GB version on the HTC online store. However, currently only the grey and silver models are up for purchase. The HTC 10, is currently unavailable through AT&T and customers will have to purchase an unlocked version online. Verizon has the phone on a pre-order status, but they are selling it at a lower price of $648. Verizon will be the first carrier in the United States to ship out the phones starting 5th May. Sprint releases the phone on 13th May at an even lower $624; T-Mobile has only given a vague May release date so far. Let us know in the comments if you have received a shipment notification about the HTC 10 delivery and what features are you excited to try out first.