HTC Vice esident of Management Mo Versi said on his Twitter account that the unlocked/international version of HTC’s flagship device should be seeing Android 4.4.3 late this week. However, that is one small update short of the most recent version of Android, which is 4.4.4. According to Mersi, the company is incorporating the security improvements from that update is rolling it out with 4.4.3. He replied to another Twitter user asking about their M7 update that there was, “no need for 4.4.4.” Versi also recently reaffirmed that the M7 M8 will receive Android within 90 days of its release. Versi tweets pretty regularly about software updates device information, so if you have an HTC hset he may be worth following. HTC has put out a fairly good release schedule in comparison to other Android hset makers. However, the latest update information further indicates that those who want the fastest access to the latest version of Android are still better off going with a Nexus or ay ition device.