iPhone 4S went on sale in the US on October 14th and Apple had clearly specified that users will be able to buy SIM-free (contract-free) iPhone 4S starting November. As promised, the device is now available on the Apple US online store.

The prices for unlocked iPhone 4S is not surprising as Apple has maintained the prices it had set for iPhone 4. The 16GB version of iPhone 4S will be available at $649 (+taxes), while the 32GB & 64GB versions are available at $749 & $849 (+taxes) respectively. It is important to note here that the unlocked iPhone 4S will work on GSM carriers like AT&T & T-Mobile in US and else where, but not on CDMA carriers like Verizon, which is quite ironical as Apple has been marketing iPhone 4S as a ‘world phone’! Another important thing to note here is that the prices for unlocked iPhone 4S are quite cheap in US (and Canada) as compared to the European countries. But the cheapest iPhone 4S price is in Hong Kong!