The Moto G is no high-end phone, but it has attracted the interest of the tech community thanks to its extreme value for money. For its price, the Moto G is head and shoulders above the competition, as noted by Steve in our very own review of the handset.  Starting from today, interested Moto G buyers in the United States can order the unlocked variant of the handset from Motorola’s website. Up until now, the G was only available in the United Kingdom. While pre-orders for the handset begin from today itself, it won’t ship before December 2. The 8GB Moto G costs $179, while the 16GB version costs $199. The handset will work across all major GSM carriers in the United States. This means that AT&T, T-Mobile and smaller MVNOs are covered but Verizon and Sprint are not. Another point to note here is that there are different variants of the Moto G for the US and European market, so make sure you order the correct version for your region.