Technically speaking, from the beginning of 2013, it’s been illegal for subscribers to get their phones unlocked while still under contract with the network. That changes with a signature from the President, though, which is said to take place today. Almost immediately after it was labeled illegal, an online petition began collecting signatures to get the decision reversed, so as not to limit the customer’s choice — especially when going abroad. Since then, and with support from the major regional wireless carriers in the United States, the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act was born, and has seen plenty of support through the House of Representatives and Senate chambers. Now, it’s headed to the President for signature. The White House has announced, through a chronicling of the bill’s path through the system, that the President intends on signing the bill into law on August 1, 2014, which will effectively make it legal for wireless customers to unlock their cellphones again, as long as they have complied with their contracts. The move is only a temporary one, though, as it is only valid until 2015. This means that as long as you’re phone is technically able to be unlocked, and that you haven’t broken any rules with your wireless agreement, you will be able to unlock your phone without much hassle (hopefully) beginning today. Have you ever had any issues getting a phone unlocked?