Head over to any Nexus 6P forum and you will know just how common the bootloop of death issue is with the device. There has been no official word from Google or Huawei surrounding this issue, with both companies silently repairing or replacing affected devices for users when sent in for repair.  However, that only happened in selected cases, with Google/Huawei usually asking users to pay up for the repair if their device was out of warranty. Thankfully, an XDA member has found a way to bring back dead Nexus 6P units to life. The process requires flashing modified files on the handset which will disable the big Cortex-A57 clusters on the chipset. With the big clusters disabled, your Nexus 6P will happily boot back into Android and work normally. However, since the big cores will be disabled, its performance will clearly take a huge hit as the smaller Cortex-A53 cores are not meant for heavy lifting. Once you revive your dead Nexus 6P, you can use it as a standby phone or as an IP camera. A somewhat usable phone is always better than a dead phone at least. Looking at the fix, it is likely that the bootloop issue is caused by some low-level issue with the Snapdragon 810 chipset. Considering how hot the chipset ran and its poor performance, it is not surprising that it suffers from such an issue. What is disappointing, however, is how Google and Huawei have clearly ignored the matter and left Nexus 6P owners out there to suffer for good.