If you are a big fan of Xposed framework and its modules, you will be glad to know that an unofficial version of the framework is now available for Android 9.0 Pie. Porting Xposed to a new version of Android has always taken its own sweet time and until the official developer of Xposed — rovo89 — gets around to releasing an update for the framework that adds Pie compatibility, this is the next best thing available for users.

Unlike previous unofficial ports of Xposed framework, this one is available in the form of a Magisk module dubbed EdXposed. Since this is a Magisk module, you will have to root your device and install Magisk on it before you can get around to installing Xposed framework on it. Do note that unlike Xposed framework itself, the EdXposed Magisk module is not open source. Secondly, even if you end up installing EdXposed on your Android device running Pie, there are very few Xposed modules out there are compatible with Android 9.0 right now. Using an incompatible Xposed module can lead to stability and performance issues. On the plus side, now that an unofficial version of Xposed is available for Android 9.0 Pie, we are likely going to see more developers update their Xposed module for Pie support. Are you using Xposed framework on your Android device? Or have you switched over to Magisk completely?