announced on the Android Developers Blog that version 2.0 is now available in the Canary channel, with a promise of speedier performance new features to improve the process of Android app creation.  ke it does with Chrome, the Canary channel is for bleeding-edge new features testing. The build then moves to a beta finally stable channel for general release. In other words: Canary is pre-beta, so expect bugs. The headline feature for developers is what’s called “Instant Run.” th this, you’ll be able to see the changes you make to the code or emulator much closer to real-time. In the current build of Android Studio it can be quite the wait to see how your changes impact the app’s performance. Another update is to the G ofiler. says this will assist those building graphics-intensive apps games to see what’s happening with each screen draw. This can create better tracking for image trace performance issues. Given the vast number of Android devices out there, emulator testing is key for shipping an app with minimal bugs. The announcement was a key part of the inaugural Android Developer Summit, taking place today Tuesday at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. is livestreaming the event if you want to check it out. The story behind the story: Android Studio only came out of beta a year ago, but the development pace has been pretty rapid since then. th this software, can better guide developers to making apps that take advantage of all the platform’s new features. also is a backer of a Udacity course to try lower the learning curve for getting started with Android app development.