Of all of the health tracking services on the market, however, there’s one feature in particular that seems to get the least attention from a lot of big companies despite popular demand. While tracking calories and steps can produce more visible results, the benefits of this missing metric is much less obvious at first glance, yet is key to a better metabolism, a sharper mind and increased energy in your daily life. Now, one of the biggest names in tech looks to be taking a first step in that direction. At their upcoming event, Apple plans to announce new software for its popular series of smartwatches — and if reports pan out, their mysterious new feature could help you catch some much needed rest.

Apple rumored to be bringing sleep tracking to the Apple Watch for the first time

According to new reports from Business Insider, Apple is rumored to be including a sleep tracking feature on the latest version of its WatchOS software. This reveal will presumably be part of the company’s fall event, which is set to showcase a host of new products including new phone models, the latest edition of iOS and more information on their highly anticipated streaming service. Apple’s new foray into sleep tracking comes as a part of the company’s larger push into the world of health tracking in general. The iOS Health app has already proven incredibly popular, and people the world over continue to rely on it for monitoring and sharing health data with their doctors. The reports discuss a new app — appropriately named Sleep — that will be shipped with the newest version of Apple’s WatchOS software. This app will apparently communicate between Apple Watch and iPhone to monitor sleep data like heart rate, breathing, and motion. This data will then be saved for analysis inside the phone’s built-in Health app.

When will I be able to start tracking my sleep?

There isn’t any official word on the release date for Apple’s rumored sleep tracking app, but as it stands, the company does plan on hosting a keynote event on Sept. 10 to discuss the upcoming releases for its entire family of products. Lending credence to these rumors, however, is the fact that Apple purchased a third-party sleep tracking startup called Beddit back in 2017. This, combined with rumors and strong consumer demand, makes the odds of a sleep tracking debut fairly high going into Apple’s annual fall event. And, of course, we at Komando.com will also be tracking the event as it unfolds. We’ll be covering Apple’s event, as well as what it means for your existing Apple products, in the coming days. In the mean time, click or tap here to learn more about the upcoming phones that may very well be the centerpiece for the entire show. We’ll see you there!