Google Chrome’s Canary build now comes with an optional flag that allows you to block audio per domain basis. Right now, this ability is limited to tabs and not websites as a whole. Once enabled, the website will be blocked from playing any kind of sound whenever you load it. The current tab-specific muting feature functions exclusively for the instance and therefore, you have to manually enable it every time you come across that site. Furthermore, Google is planning to replace the existing tab muting option with this for making things a bit less complicated. Although that doesn’t seem like a positive change as it’s not always the case that you want to mute the entire website. The feature is already available on Chrome’s experimental build if you’d like to try out. Head over to this page and download the Canary version. Install it and after the process, turn on the “–enable-features=SoundContentSetting” switch from the flags list as the option is disabled by default. Now, you can permanently mute any website by tapping the “secure” or info icon present on the omnibar and under the sound section, selecting “always block on this site”. Do note, however, the audio will remain blocked unless and until you manually toggle the setting again. The update should be rolled out publicly for everyone in the next couple of weeks.