LG’s most recent flagship, the G3, is yet to hit the markets around the globe but we’re already hearing of an even more powerful smartphone from the Korean manufacturer. Known as the LG F460L, it is said that the device will be the company’s first to sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset. It is also said that the handset will come with 3GB of RAM, much like the G3 and the 5.5 inch 2K display might also be used in the smartphone. There are two other variants of the smartphone known as the F460K and the F460S which could be headed towards KT and SK Telecom respectively. The F460L on the other hand might make its way to LG U in the region. As is the case with carrier variants, the last letter of the model number usually indicates where the device is headed. The LG G3 is already available in South Korea, so this new smartphone is certainly not one of its variants. We’re yet to ascertain if the smartphone will make its way to global markets or remain an exclusive to South Korea, but it seems that way at the moment. Or maybe we’ll see LG giving the G3 a processor refresh by Q3 2014 to stay up to pace.