2019 is going to be the rise of the foldable smartphone. LG has apparently decided to go a different route for at least one of its upcoming devices. CNET is reporting on Thursday that LG has a series of new devices to show off at the upcoming Mobile World Congress event, and that one of those smartphones will feature an “attachable” secondary display. This will apparently work like a “sort of case with a screen”, which may actually double the overall screen size when this attachable display is put in place on the main unit. LG will apparently label this new flagship the G8. Unfortunately, that’s all we have to go on right now. The idea seems interesting enough, but it’s vague at best, and not knowing what other specs the upcoming flagship will feature make it a bit of a hard sell at the moment. Still, with foldable phones becoming a big deal this year, it will be interesting to see if LG’s implementation to make a big phone’s display even bigger with an attachable screen will take off. It’s easy to see the benefit of a folding phone when put up against this particular design choice, though. You have a smaller device that can unfold into a bigger one without the need of any accessories. LG’s implementation may be unique, but if it means we have to carry around a separate device will it actually work for the average consumer? What if LG actually charges for that accessory? What do you think of this idea?