It’s believed that Google is hard at work on releasing two new HTC-made Nexus-branded smartphones. And features for the upcoming handsets keep trickling out. The latest batch of new information comes from Android Police, and outlines a pair of features that future Nexus smartphone owners will probably enjoy. The first is a double tap to the display, when it’s locked, to check up on notifications that you might have received while you weren’t near your phone — or you were just ignoring it. This means you don’t have to completely unlock the handset, or hit the Power button to wake the display, to check up on what’s going on. This new feature is called “Quick screen check.” Double-tapping the display activates the ambient display mode — something that is already activated by picking up the phone.

The other new feature is called Night Light, and it make the device easier to look at when it gets darker. When it’s activated, the display will take on a red tint, which Google says makes it easier to read when the light is dim — and should help folks fall asleep when they’re checking their phone before bed. Night Light can be activated automatically at sunset, and turn off at sunrise. It can also be set to turn on at certain times of day (or night), and turn off at a later time, and it can be turned on manually as well. Are you looking forward to the next Nexus smartphones?