You might be wondering “why now?” when it comes to Microsoft’s update schedule. But don’t worry, all is going according to plan. This is the week Patch Tuesday fell on, after all. Tap or click here to see what came with the last Patch Tuesday update. For September’s Patch Tuesday, Microsoft is including an astonishing number of bug fixes. More than 120 issues are addressed, and several of them cover critical flaws that expose security holes in your operating system. Here’s how you can get it on your PC today.

September 2020’s Patch Tuesday: Wait, how many bugs is that?

Microsoft has just announced its September Patch Tuesday release, and wow — it’s a doozy of an update. August’s release was similarly large, with more than 100 different bugs addressed and fixed in the update. But September’s Patch Tuesday update has fixes for 129 different Windows vulnerabilities, which means that your system will be much safer when the update is installed. And within this update, at least 20 of the fixes are of the “critical” status. These particular issues all address “remote code execution” vulnerabilities, which is programmer-speak for bugs that allow a hacker to remotely control your computer. Most of these issues have to do with enterprise-level systems (which affect large companies with large numbers of computers). Regardless of whether you own one PC or 100, this update is worth installing solely for the sheer amount of problems it addresses. Ten bugs or so would be one thing, but more than 120 makes this an urgent installation.

How do I install the latest Patch Tuesday update to my Windows PC?

To install the update, turn your PC on and click the Start Menu. Then, select the Settings gear icon, followed by Update and Security. If the patch hasn’t already been installed on your computer, you’ll see it ready for you to download and install. If nothing is available, your computer may have already updated itself in the background. This will happen if you have Automatic Updates turned on. As we mentioned above, this update addresses several critical issues that put your computer at risk. If you’re worried about potential bugs from this new update, we’d say the pros outweigh the cons. What’s a couple of glitchy menus compared to having your computer hacked by someone halfway around the world? That said, it’s not impossible for an update to go south. In spite of this, we wouldn’t recommend waiting on this update. The security value it delivers can’t be ignored. And if there are bugs found in the update, you can count on us to assist you with working around them. A safe computer is a happy computer, after all.