1. Slip-on sports shoes for yoga, swimming and more

Thinking about exploring aquatic aerobics this summer? If you’re working in pools with rough bottoms, you’ll want some professional pool shoes. These are some of our favorites — not only are they super sturdy, but they also come in 41 eye-catching designs.

2. Protect yourself while you work out

You shouldn’t have to drown in your own sweat while working out. This shirt keeps you comfortable and dry. Its silky fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, making it a lightweight and quick-drying addition to your wardrobe. Plus, it doesn’t chafe and it’s super comfortable.

3. We all need a forgiving pair of pants

These pants have so many amazing designs we couldn’t pick the best one to show you. There’s a design with cat heads coming out of tacos, tie-dye, an American flag, wolves crowded around a moon and even a cat riding a shark over a rainbow. (Yes, you read that correctly.) We chose the classic camouflage look since camo looks good on everyone. But click on the page and see all the wild designs you can choose from! You’re sure to find something that will shock your family or roommates.

4. This funny belt doubles as a beverage holder

The Fourth of July just came and went. If you’re heading to any other parties, bring this funny belt to remind them of the good times. Sure, you could carry a cooler — or you could make a statement with this beverage holding belt!

5. Get something cute and unique for the kids in your life

Plain hoodies in a single color are popular, versatile and comfortable — but they aren’t super exciting. If you’re shopping for the little ones in your life, they’ll probably love hoodies since they’re a fashion staple. But instead of going with a regular, safe hoodie, why not wow them by buying something with a bold design? Check out these adorable, unique hoodies. Shaped like many different cartoon animals, they’re eye-catching and attractive for any kid who wants to show off their fun sense of style. These hoodies are sure to impress kids under 12, teens and even some early adults, depending on their style. Since streetwear is a popular fashion trend right now, if you buy one of these hoodies, it’s sure to be used as a wardrobe staple throughout the years.

6. Relax in style with these feather-soft slippers

Warm, comfy and breathable, these slippers are like a dream for anyone with tired feet. Its cross band design lends subtle elegance to the look, while the soft faux rabbit fur wraps your feet to keep them warm. “They are amazing. So comfortable,” one reviewer said. “I look forward to getting up in the morning just to put these on.”

7. This feminine shirt makes you look like royalty

Infuse some elegance into your wardrobe with this soft and lightweight blouse. Perfect for summer, vacation or the office, this gorgeous top is a fun spin on a classic wardrobe essential. Sure, you could wear a white shirt — but what’s the fun in that? These delicate mesh sleeves are interwoven with 3D blue and pink flowers, adding delicate pops of color to your shirt.

8. Be brave. Be bold. Wear crocs!

Ah, crocs — the great unisex shoe and a pinnacle of comfort. Such a controversial fashion item, yet so incredibly comfortable you ignore the jokes from young kids while you’re wearing them. These classic clogs come in 30 different colors, from army green to powder blue. (Plus, they’re so versatile! You can wear them while shopping, studying, walking around the neighborhood or even to church.)

9. Bring out your inner Jimmy Buffet

It’s the perfect season for a good, old-fashioned Hawaiian shirt. This short sleeve casual shirt is made out of 100% cotton. Although it’s made for men, women can wear it, too. (Just don’t expect it to be fitted.) This comes in red, blue, yellow and white designs. It’s the perfect shirt for a nice, relaxing day. So kick back, make yourself a piña colada and put on some relaxing Hawaiian music!