SunShine is a relatively popular tool among the owners of HTC One M8 and other handsets from HTC to gain S-OFF access for a mere price of $25. Well, the tool has now been updated to add support for a non-HTC devices — the Verizon Moto G. The even better news is that the team behind SunShine is working on adding support for other Motorola devices including the last year’s Moto X and Verizon’s Droid line-up of handsets. Right now, the exploit is under the final phase of testing and the tool should be updated by next week with support for these handsets.

Keep in mind that SunShine requires root access to work. If you are not running the Android 4.4.4 update on your Moto G, you can use TowelRoot or Pie for Motorola exploits to gain temporary root access, and then use SunShine to unlock the bootloader without wiping and voiding its warranty. Update: SunShine has now been updated with support for the Droid Max, Mini and Ultra as well.