At 1.3lbs of weight and less than a quarter-inch thick, this monitor offers an extra 15.6" of desktop space that you can bring with you anywhere. Built for plug-and-play configuration, USB, HDMI, and 3.5mm ports are built-in, so you can quickly connect and disconnect. It includes all the cables you need to connect to a laptop so that you can get started out of the box. The driver-free design means you can also set it up with game consoles, tablets, streaming boxes, and other devices as well, making it ideal as a second screen for smaller spaces or to play games or stream while someone else uses the primary TV. Just connect it to a USB-C power source, and you’re set. As there’s no internal battery, it can also be brought into more spaces and shipped in luggage without any need for extra insurance or labeling. In use, it offers LED backlighting with a low-flicker, low-blue light, and anti-glare design, and a 60Hz refresh rate with a 4K resolution. It has a ten millisecond response time as a touchscreen, so you can circle, highlight, and test easily. Built-in high fidelity speakers also make sound testing, streaming, and other uses simple with nothing to install and a headphone jack for when quiet is needed. When you work anywhere, your tools need to come with you. A good portable monitor gives you more space without weighing down your luggage, and this one offers the tools needed for both work and play. Get the Desklab Portable Touchscreen Monitor for 58% off $700 at just $289.99 today. Prices are subject to change.