A very interesting business for Microsoft, which may have an even greater return if the staffs of the US Government follow the recommendations and install Windows 10 on their home PCs. To help in this case, the staff will provide guidance and talk about the hardware specifications to be met by computers to install Windows 10. So, in this case, we are talking only about the recommendation, not an obligatory requirement. Recently, in an interview, Terry Halvorsen, the director of the Pentagon Information Technology stated that “If you’re using a computer at home and you’re not on Windows 10, you’re doing yourself an injustice, you ought to be moving to Windows 10. We’re going to put in October some guidance to our employees in general – it’s not an endorsement of Windows 10 or Microsoft Specifically – listing what the characteristics of Windows 10 would give you if you put it in your home system. That’s the close to an endorsement as I can get for the product software.” Microsoft’s extra advertising in the distribution of Windows 10 does not hurt, because the resources are the free upgrade to Windows 7, and 8.1 looks almost exhausted, everyone has been updated, and the others are satisfied with their systems. The possibility of the free upgrade is offered until 29 July. Microsoft repeatedly voiced, the goal is to extend the system by 1 billion Devices in 2017. This “business” or “deal” is undoubtedly a victory for Microsoft, which still can do a two in one (system installation on 4 million government and staff PCs) towards the objective stroke it is to extend the system by 1 billion Devices with Windows 10 in 2017. But according to the figures of March, the Windows 10 already runs on 270 million PCs or systems and at this rate, Microsoft’s objective can be achieved only in 2019, but you never know.