Though hackers are moving the rounds all year, throughout the Christmas winter perpetually, they make much sound, and this time, aside from servers and video game companies, hackers have attacked the FBI, as reported by CNN. As reported by government officials from the United States, Juniper Networks suffered a serious violation that could allow hackers to eavesdrop on encrypted communication of the government and several companies in the last three years. Also Read: How to Install Linux On Android Phone Without Rooting

US Government is Under Attack By Unspecified Hackers Either China or Russia

So far, it has been said that the FBI is concerned that hackers may have been intercepting and stealing classified government information, and even believe that behind this hacking is a foreign government opponent, as it could be China or Russia, as the sophistication of the attacks was high. Until now, researchers have not blamed or charged anyone. Also Read: How to Recover WiFi Password On Android (Without Root) Thanks to the size of Juniper Networks, it could take quite some time to determine the damage suffered. An official involved in the investigation told CNN: “We are aware of the recently announced vulnerability in Juniper. The Department of Homeland Security has been in contact with the company. The administration is committed to improving our national cybersecurity to raise our cyber defenses, disrupting enemy activity, and respond effectively to the problems that occurred.” Also Read: How To Protect Yourself From Phishing Hacking Attacks As the work to modify the source code was modern, the framework had been traded off for a long time before the issue was revealed in a normal survey. CNN reports that Jupiter plans to dispatch a security fix for another issue permitting programmers to dispatch dissent of administration assaults on PC systems. Juniper is a company that sells computers and networks to large corporations and the US government, so important to have customers not take long to release a patch to improve safety. The reason that the attackers were still being investigated because as mentioned earlier, it will take more time to complete investigations, see what were the damage and learn more about the incident.