It might seem great to have so many options, but that can also be detrimental. If you don’t know where to look or how to navigate, a platform could lose you to a competitor. When that happens, it also means that the service might be facing cancellations. Read on to find out how Roku has made watching live TV easier.

Here’s the backstory

You might already know that Roku streaming devices offer several live TV channels. But if you didn’t know that, we’re willing to bet that you weren’t looking in the right place. And that is exactly what Roku is aiming to fix. There have been ad-supported channels and a TV channel guide since 2020, which highlighted around 12 hours of upcoming programming. This was partly designed to make it easier for new viewers to find content. But with the growing number of new channels, the platform had to rethink its menu navigation. The channel list has steadily grown to well over 200, with the most recent 15 channels being added in November last year. These included True History Channel, Vox, and LiveNOW from FOX. Live TV on a streaming service works similarly to traditional television. Shows are broadcast at set times during the day, and you need to tune into the show to watch it. The most significant difference is that it is streamed instead of watching it through a traditional method.

What you can do about it

To solve the content conundrum, Roku rolled out a newly-designed menu called Live TV Zone that will “give users direct access to live entertainment in just a few clicks.” In a recent survey, the company said that 61% of its users without a traditional television enjoy watching live news a few times a week. The Live TV Zone is on the left-hand navigation menu after you have scrolled down a bit. You can also search for Live TV Zone in the search box at the top. It will give you quick access to the Live TV Channel Guide, from where you can directly browse to see what is on other streaming services like Hulu, fuboTV, Philo, Sling, and YouTube TV. You can also see your recently watched content. Through the Live TV Channel Guide, you can access over 200 other channels.

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