Don’t worry, retailers have the candies, cards and plenty of heart-shaped goodies ready for you to make your move. But if you’re looking for tech gift ideas, tap or click here to discover the best and worst tech of the last decade.

1. Get a gift

Are you one of those last-minute shoppers? You’re definitely not alone. If you find yourself without a special gift for your loved one, Alexa can help ensure you don’t spend Valentine’s Day in the doghouse. If you know what item(s) you want to purchase, like Ferrero Rocher fine hazelnut chocolates, tell your Echo to order whatever items you want, starting with the device’s wake-up word, “Alexa.” Maybe you are uncertain what would make a great gift. Ask the smart assistant for a recommendation. As an example, try asking, “Alexa, what’s the best-selling camera?”

2. Dine-in or out

Want a romantic meal without having to prepare it? Why not ask Alexa to find a nearby restaurant, or to place an order for delivery or takeout? If your significant other loves Thai cuisine, say, “Alexa, what are some Thai restaurants near me?” Maybe you’re interested in more casual fare. No problem! Other options include ordering pizza from Pizza Hut, Dominos or a meal via Grubhub. The latter requires you have an order history with the Grubhub app before the Alexa skill will work.

3. Learn about love

Lessons in love are easy with Alexa. Ask, “Alexa, open Valentine’s Day Facts” and the smart assistant will share interesting facts about the holiday. Impress your partner by working on your relationship skills (not that you need to, but just in case). Say, “Alexa, play a love podcast,” and it will suggest and play a podcast that covers relationships.

4. Be My Valentine

Maybe you don’t have anyone special to share the day with. Alexa can pick up your spirits with the “Will You Be My Valentine” skill. Try, “Alexa, will you be my Valentine?” It will respond with a variety of responses. Ask enough times and it might accept your proposal. Need some more love from Alexa? The “Compliment Me” skill is perfect for you. Just say, “Alexa, compliment me.” Warning: Compliments may be served with a touch of sarcasm. Searching for your soulmate online? Just be careful. Tap or click to reveal the new deceptive trend that is taking over online dating apps.

5. Love Notes

Here’s a thoughtful way to tell the love of your life something romantic. It is suggested you activate this skill in secret as not to give away your plans ahead of time. Simply leave the one you love a note somewhere, like on the fridge, bathroom mirror, via text or even in a messaging app. Be sure to tell him or her to say, “Alexa, open Love Notes.” Your significant other will receive any number of love notes from over 100 different options.

6. Daily kindness

Why not spread the love with a daily act of kindness? Enable this skill by asking, “Alexa, open Daily Kindness.” Alexa will provide you a different daily random act of kindness to integrate into your everyday life.

7. Suggest a movie

Nothing says romance like a nice dinner and a great film while the two of you cuddle on the couch. To get quick recommendations from Alexa, ask the smart assistant, “Alexa, Suggest a movie.” If you prefer a different one, ask for “something else.” You can also request a movie based on genre.

8. Take a Valentine’s Day quiz

Here’s the fastest way to melt the hearts of all the sweeties in your life, young and old. This skill presents a fun Valentine’s Day quiz sure to delight children of all ages. Simply say, “Alexa, start Valentine’s Day quiz” and let the games begin.

9. Set the mood

This skill (recommended for those 18+) will help you set a sensual mood with curated music from a selection of DJs. “Alexa, Set the Mood” will provide you with five mood selections to choose from. You can also request Alexa play your favorite playlist or artist. For G-rated Valentine’s tunes with or without your little ones around, say, “Alexa, sing a love song.”

10. Dim the lights

Of course, if you have smart bulbs or lighting throughout your home, ask Alexa to dim, adjust their color or turn off selected areas to help set the romantic mood. Don’t have any smart bulbs in your home? Tap or click to learn why you need to buy smart bulbs now. Go with any one of these Alexa skills, or for extra points use a combination and you will have no problem showing your honey how much he or she is loved this Valentine’s Day (or any day). XOXO By clicking our links, you’re supporting our research, as we may earn a very small commission. Recommendations are not part of any business incentives.