Google’s Chromebook runs on Chrome OS and can be used for work and personal reasons. While it’s comparable to a laptop, you can take care of personal finances with a Chromebook. Tap or click here to see how. Chrome 90 was recently released and it’s packing some new features. Read on for more details. If you aren’t already using Chrome, are these enough for you to make the switch?

Want to send a link to someone highlighting a specific passage of text? You can do so with the new Chrome update. Highlight the text you want to share, right-click it, and choose Copy link to highlight and send. When the recipient opens the link, it will take them directly to the text you’ve highlighted. This feature is rolling out now on desktop Chrome and Android and will soon come to iOS.

2. Rename open windows

Do you often find yourself with too many open windows? It can be difficult to keep track, especially when it’s many pages from the same site that have similar titles. Chrome now lets you name open windows, which should help. Simply right-click on an empty spot in the tab and enter the name in the field. Or open More tools and go to Name window. The renaming feature also works in the taskbar. The window renaming feature is currently rolling out, so keep an eye out for it.

3. HTTPS is now default

Chrome 90 will prioritize loading websites through HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This means better privacy and security as well as faster loading speeds. This is a welcome feature, as most websites now use HTTPS. If you happen to visit an older site that doesn’t support HTTPS by default, you will be able to open it using the secure extension. Tap or click here to read our rundown of the best browsers for privacy.

How to get the latest version of Chrome

You can check what version of Chrome you’re running and update at the same time if needed. Here’s how: Tap the menu in the upper right corner (three dots), hover your cursor over Help and select About Google Chrome. You will see which build you currently have and have the option to update by clicking Update Google Chrome. If the option isn’t there, then you’re using the latest version. It’s important to keep your browser updated to fend off malware, viruses and other attacks. Tap or click here to read about a recent Chrome vulnerability.

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