But as technology takes over our lives, we create more and more digital content and need someplace to put it. Enter cloud storage, a great way to save everything off your computer but still access it. Tap or click here to find out why you need to be using a cloud backup for all your devices. Now, Google is rolling out a new app to make its file storage and synchronization service, Drive, even easier. Read on to find out what you can expect from this handy new app.

Why the new app?

If you’ve gotten used to how Google Drive works now, don’t panic, your favorite features are here to stay. The new Google Drive app will replace the Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync apps. Previously you had to use the Backup and Sync apps to upload and sync your files to Drive. Instead of separate apps, this one app will replace it all for seamless user interaction across all devices, no matter how many files or computers you need to sync.

What’s new?

The goal of the new app is to make your life as simple as possible when accessing files from anywhere at any time. You’ll still be able to upload and sync your media files to Google Drive and sync devices from the cloud, but the entire process will take less time and involve fewer steps. It includes several new features to make Google Drive more powerful than ever. Here are a few to look forward to:

Support for shared folders in Google DriveAccess content directly from your desktop, just like you would local files

No more waiting for files to sync, it’s now automatic with the new appChanges made to Google Drive folders are updated automatically across all devices, and you have access to them immediately

The main takeaway? Access to your files will be easier and faster, and you’ll only need one app to make it work.

When can I start using the new app?

Google is trying to move the integration along as fast as possible, with the initial transition starting July 19. Users will receive notifications over the coming months reminding them of the upcoming change. Looking for other ways to optimize life? These five tech tricks will make your life easier Google recommends completing the transition by September. At that point, users will receive a notification telling them their devices will no longer sync to the cloud if they don’t switch over. If you want to make your life easier, the new Google Drive app will do the trick. But if you’re looking for a more secure option, we recommend our sponsor IDrive. IDrive protects all of your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices with just one account. Its versatile and user-friendly platform makes saving and recovering data simple for small businesses and individual use. Use the IDrive App to access backed-up data that’s saved from your computer and download your documents, photos and videos onto any mobile device in a cinch. Kim has negotiated a killer deal for you. Tap or click here to save 50% on 5 TB of cloud backup today with IDrive!