Back in 2010, the Nexus One was among the few handsets to sport a multi-colored LED for notifications. Since then, except for the Nexus S, Google has included a smartly disguised multi-colored LED in all the Nexus handsets. The Nexus 5 is no exception, and sports a small multi-colored LED hidden smartly inside the bottom bezel of the handset. Some apps like Whatsapp and Twitter etc. allow you to control the multi-colored LED right from their settings, but a majority of them lack this feature. There is no option baked into Android as well that would allow users to customise the LED color notification according to their taste and liking. Light Flow aims to solve this problem by allowing users to customise the LED notifications according to apps, device state and more. Power users would need no introduction to Light Flow, as it has long been one of the highly recommended apps in the Play Store. Light Flow will allow users to control not only the LED color for a new notification, but also the blinking speed, add a breathing effect, how long the LED should glow and more. The free version of the app works with a limited set of events and apps, but the paid version supports more than 600+ apps. While a multi-colored LED is no replacement for Moto X’s Active Display, it is still much better than always switching on the screen of your Nexus 5 to check for new notifications. Light Flow: Free, Paid