T-Mobile has partnered with the popular mobile security firm, Lookout to bring a unique security feature called Scream Tones to help users track their android smartphones if lost. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets at an all time high, they have become hot properties in the eyes of thieves. Many have started to realize the importance of android tracking apps, not just in case of thefts, but also when you leave your phone somewhere and fail to recollect where you left it. Applications like Lookout helps users track their android devices in addition to safeguarding them against malware & trojans. Lookout always had the phone tracking feature, but now, T-mobile customers have the option to set custom ScreamTones such as a siren, train whistle, a Star Trek zooming sound, a wolf howl, or a T-Mobile jingle, which will activate a loud voice until you find it. And of course the missing smartphone can be tracked on Google Maps as well.

AllThingsD’s Ina Fried has shared a couple of ScreamTones which you can listen to below. Make sure you reduce the volume of your device before listening to them.

That is NOT what I’d like to hear often. Imagine people setting off the wolf howl or a siren at max volume every time they lose their phones in their handbag mess. I hope the app gets the ability to let users choose the Scream Tone and the volume before activating those obnoxious screams. The good thing about Lookout app is that Scream Tones get activated even if the phone is in silent mode. But what if someone steals the phone and switches it off? User will neither be able to track the phone on the map, nor activate the ScreamTone. But then, that is a limitation of any phone tracking app. Lookout app will come pre-loaded in all T-mobile’s android smartphones. Other users can also download the app on Google Play, but will not be able to set those custom ScreamTones and have to be content with milder (and saner) ringtones.