You can listen to radio stations around the world — live! This little-known gem called Radio Garden connects to radio stations submitted by the station or the public. There’s a ton of radio stations to choose from. Let’s say you’ve moved to a new town where the local radio stations foolishly don’t carry The Kim Komando Show. Just go on the Radio Garden site and submit the call letters of the radio station you used to hear the show on and the site will take you there or add the station. Search by county, city or station. Find your local station or see what people in another country are hearing right now. You can choose your favorites so you can come back to them whenever you want. You also might hear local police, sheriff and other department broadcasts, too. The fun part is just zooming around the globe. It’s like you’re a radio explorer! The site was founded in 2016 and since then, it’s added thousands of live AM and FM radio stations from all over the world. Best of all, it’s secure (always check for an https: URL) and there’s no need to create an account. On your first visit, you’ll see a prompt to start playing. Go ahead and press play; it’s safe, unlike some of the web’s sketchier internet radio sites. If you’ve got location services enabled on your browser, Radio Garden will take you to a local radio station. Click and drag the satellite image of the globe and visit cities all over the world. Anywhere you see a green dot, you’ll find a station streaming now. If your favorite radio station isn’t featured, choose settings in the right-hand menu, then Submit a radio station. Click the link to go to the online form, or you can access it here. You can also use Radio.Garden to listen to my show! First, head to my website to find your local radio station airing my show. If you’re not near one of the 400-plus stations that air it, choose another city. You can always try Phoenix, where I record. Want to listen to my show on your time or catch up on episodes you missed? Visit the ad-free Komando Community. Watch or listen to the latest show — from your TV, smartphone or tablet — and catch up on the last three months of episodes. You can also ask your tech questions on the Komando Community Tech Forum and get answers you can trust from our community of pros. Try it all for free for 30 days with discount code Kim. Tap or click here to make your account.