Now, Samsung’s latest Galaxy s20 phones will include a feature that allows Android users to relay RCS messages to Windows 10 PCs. This is accomplished by way of a special app. This means it’ll be easier than ever to communicate with others via RCS messaging. Tap or click here to get more from RCS messaging.

RCS messaging between devices is about to be more convenient than ever

Samsung’s newest Galaxy S20 phones are hitting shelves in April. When they arrive, they’ll bring the ability to send RCS messages to Windows 10 PCs. You’ll have to use the Your Phone app from Microsoft, and it will only work with Samsung’s Galaxy s20 through its Message app — at first. That should make it a lot easier to chat with friends. Now, lengthier conversations don’t have to include tapping into your phone. You can just use your computer keyboard while you’re gaming, working or doing homework. RCS messaging offers features like read receipts, typing indicators, type messages with no length limits, make video calls within the app, share high-quality images and more, all while communicating via Windows 10. Want to use RCS but don’t plan to purchase a Galaxy S20? You’ll have to wait for it to roll out to the rest of the Android ecosystem. Luckily, Microsoft’s Group Program Manager Roberto Bojorquez took to Twitter to talk about RCS messaging and implied the functionality will be available to other devices. There is currently no timeframe for the release of RCS messaging, so if you want immediate access, you’ll need to upgrade to the new Galaxy s20. If you want to experience what RCS can do, try out an iOS device. There are several similar features already built in. In the meantime, tap or click here to check out 10 of Android’s coolest features.