But you’re probably not taking advantage of everything your device can do. It has plenty of built-in apps that make your smartphone even handier than you can imagine. Tap or click here for hidden apps on your smartphone and how to find them. We’ve found an app to help solve one of the awkward moments while dining out with friends. We’re talking about the moment the bill arrives, and you need to decide who owes what. Read on for the perfect solution to this age-old dilemma.

How to split a restaurant bill with Tab

Forget about plugging in each menu item and price manually. Who has time for that? Tab makes manual bill-splitting a thing of the past. RELATED: 9 apps you have never heard of but should be using We recommend letting your crew know about this app and downloading it before hitting the town. That way, at the end of the meal, you’ll all be able to put your phones together and make a smooth and timely exit. First, fire up the app and snap a photo of the bill with your smartphone. It’ll itemize each appetizer and entrée accordingly. Everyone attending can scan the bill, picking and choosing what they ate and would like to pay for. All you have to do is tap the items you want to pay for within the app. You can even split individual items between party members if you shared a dish or two. After staking your claim, Tab allocates everyone’s portion of the bill to each person. Everybody gets their own itemized total, pre-tip and all. Tab is fast, accurate, and takes no prisoners. This is one of the simplest apps we’ve ever used. You’ll find the perfect solution to one of the most common dining issues. We’ll have whatever she’s having, and we’ll pay for it in kind, too. The free Tab app is available for iOS and Android. Here are some of Tab’s features and how to use the app:

Take a picture of your bill to read all the items and prices from the check.Select which items each person ordered. Everyone with Tab on their phone can join onto the bill and select their items. Tab keeps everything synced in real-time.Multiple people can select the same item if they shared it.Tax and tip are automatically divided proportionally.If it’s someone’s birthday or a special occasion, you can split their total evenly among everyone else.Settle up within your group using the integrated Venmo tool or by recording a cash payment.

Never find yourself grappling with the bill again

We believe that nobody has to foot the bill for something they didn’t actually eat. Why guesstimate how much each person should pay? Tab is the ultimate restaurant bill calculator, and it’ll always be right in the palm of your hand. If you’ve ever thrown down on a meal unfairly under the pressure of an impatient waitress, you’re in for an incredible experience! You may also like: 5 apps that will save you money on things you’re already buying