Take Google, for instance. You can use a quick shortcut to open a new document, calendar invite or spreadsheet without clicking through menus. Tap or click for the time-saving secret. If you use a Windows PC, here’s a tech trick you’ll be glad we told you about: The Cloud Clipboard.

Go beyond the usual copy and paste

We all know the shortcuts to copy and paste — Control + C and Control + V — but you should try hitting the Windows key + V. This opens up your PC’s Cloud Clipboard menu. This will show you not just the last thing you copied but your 25 most recent copied items — text and images, too, including any screenshots you took. Before using this feature, ensure your computer’s clipboard history is enabled. Here’s how:

On Windows 10:

Go to Settings > System and select Clipboard from the left menu.Toggle on Clipboard history.Enable Sync across devices to share your Clipboard content between your devices.

Windows 11:

Go to Settings > System and select the Clipboard panel on the right.Toggle on Clipboard history.Enable Sync across your devices to share your Clipboard content between your devices.

You can even pin things you need to access all the time, such as emojis, GIFs and special characters. This way, when you clear your Clipboard history, those items will remain. Again, to access this, all you need to do is hit the Windows key + V. Handy, right?

While you’re at it

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