The variant, first spotted in India, has now spread to over 80 countries. Initial indications point towards it being more infectious than others, becoming the dominant variant in several regions. This naturally has the World Health Organization and the CDC worried. While it is still largely unconfirmed, there have been suggestions that the Delta variant might be somewhat more resistant to all current COVID-19 vaccines available. Everybody is desperate to get back to normal, so use this map to track this variant’s movement.

Here’s the backstory

There are many COVID-19 maps available, but the CDC has developed a comprehensive portal to track the spread of the virus, and it now includes the Delta variant. The interactive map provided by the CDC allows you to see which variants are prevalent in which areas and includes the usual information such as overall infections, recoveries and deaths. “On June 15, 2021, the B.1.617.2 (Delta)* variant was classified as a VOC because it spreads from person to person more easily than other variants and may cause more severe disease,” the CDC explains.

How to track the Delta variant

From the main CDC COVID-19 portal, if you click on the SARS-CoV-2 Variants data, you’ll get a good idea of how much of the population it’s affecting. There is a definite shift in the dominant variant, as the CDC predicts the Alpha variant to decrease by as much as 52%. Click here to see the Covid Data Tracker map. While that is a good thing, it opens the door for the Delta variant to run rampant, predicted to make up almost 21% of all infections in the U.S. Hot on its heels, though, is the Gamma variant which the CDC predicts will strengthen to affect about 16% of the population. The Delta variant map divides the country into 10 regions. The CDC explains where each variant will become the dominant strain in the next two weeks.

For the southeast coast, Michigan and Texas, the CDC’s Nowcast predicts the Alpha strain to be present in more than 50% of cases.Gamma variant increases to 20% of cases in the northeast coast, Florida and northwest coast.The Delta variant is predicted to increase in all regions and be more than 45% of all northern and central mid-west cases.

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