That’s why Congress passed another COVID relief bill this week that extends increased unemployment benefits through Sep. 6. The bill adds relief in several other areas, including another round of direct payments to those who qualify. Tap or click here to see how much you’ll get and when to expect it. Now that economic relief is on the way, it’s time to focus on getting vaccines into arms. This will help us reach herd immunity and finally put COVID behind us. But even some who are eligible to receive the vaccine are struggling to find available appointments. Fortunately, we’ve found a site that can help expedite the process.

Here’s how it works

For whatever reason, some people can’t make it to their vaccination appointment, and those slots need to be filled. There could also be an excess of thawed doses, and those need to be administered within six hours, or they’ll be thrown out. That’s why this tool was created on Dr. B’s website. To get doses that would otherwise go to waste into arms. Here’s how the site describes its mission: “Dr. B is a standby list for COVID vaccine doses that are about to expire. To sign up, you will be asked questions to help us understand your prioritization based on local guidelines.” You are eligible to sign up on the standby list if you meet all the following requirements:

You are 18 years of age or older.Currently living in the U.S.Must have a telephone number that can receive text messages.You haven’t already received a dose of a COVID vaccine.Legally and medically, you are otherwise able to receive the vaccine if it was available to you.

How your place is determined

“Vaccines are prioritized based on the eligibility criteria of your vaccination site’s state and local government. Within your prioritization group, your place in line is determined by the order in which you registered,” according to the site. Your eligibility criteria are based on the truthful answers you provide when signing up. “We ask for information that will help place you in the right priority. We will ask you to provide your telephone number, name, email, ZIP code, date of birth, profession, and qualifying health conditions,” Dr.B explains. When there is an opening, an overflow of doses or missed appointments, you will receive a text message on the number you provided. When that happens, you have 15 minutes to respond or will miss out. If you don’t reply in time or at all, your slots will be reallocated to somebody else and you will also be removed from the waiting list. Curious about how many doses have been delivered and administered per state? You can follow the progress by checking the CDC’s dedicated portal.

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