Then, the videos are often stored within the program. This gives the program access to your private information or videos you don’t necessarily want them to have. Tap or click here for our most popular privacy and security tips last year. But what if you could just press a button and record directly onto your computer without extra steps? Well, now you can! Here is an easy way to record your screen and yourself.

SnipClip and its many uses

You might be thinking, why would I need to record my screen or camera? Well, it can be handy in many ways. For those versed in social media, it’s a great way to record your computer’s camera to make videos to post online, whether you are an influencer or just having fun. RELATED: Make your next video meeting more fun with a cartoon version of yourself Are you trying to explain a complicated process to a new employee or friend? Record your screen while you complete the action you’re teaching, and you instantly have a handy training video that can be used in the future. Are you experiencing a glitch or bug that you want to send to the Windows or Apple support team? You can record your screen to show them precisely what is occurring to make fixing it easier.

What makes SnipClip unique

SnipClip has a real edge over other programs because it eliminates the multiple requirements others have. First, you don’t have to sign-up to use SnipClip. There are no email addresses or phone numbers. You simply go to the website and use the program. Secondly, the video is downloaded directly to your computer. SnipClip never gets a copy. This eliminates any concerns that your video could accidentally get into the wrong hands. You record and download directly.

How to record

There is typically a long list of steps with any recording program, but with SnipClip, there are just three, and you’re done. You can record just your screen, your screen and your camera, or just your camera.

Head to the SnipClip recording studio here. Choose Screen, Screen and Camera, or just Camera.If you are recording your screen, click Select Screen to choose your entire desktop or just a particular tab.If recording your camera, click to allow camera access.

Press the Record button and wait for the 3-second count down.When you are done recording, hit the pause button, then Stop Recording.Click Download Recording to download your video.

Other options to record

If SnipClip isn’t quite what you are looking for, there are other options to record your computer screen. Apps like Loom allow you to make screen recordings in a few easy steps. On Windows, you can use the Xbox Game Bar to record videos on your computer, even if they aren’t gaming-related. You can use the Screenshot player to do the same with an easy keyboard shortcut on Mac computers. For more information on recording your computer screen, check out Kim’s Tech 101 for more steps.