ColorYourLife USB wrist strap lanyards

For some colorful, vibrant lanyards that help you spot your USB drive from across the room, ColorYourLife has your back. These simple lanyards are durable, run seven inches long in total (so you can hang them on key hooks) and can be used to color code your USB sticks. You get a pack of 24 lanyards, which is more than most people need. Find additional ways to use them for spare house keys, utensils and office tools, so you never lose them again.

SIMMAX hand wrist strap

Inexpensive and designed to hang on key hooks, these simple lanyards are just three inches long and work to organize your USB drives in a simple, visible way. We’ve all thrown a USB into a monitor stand organizer or desk drawer before, and then it’s nowhere to be found. These allow you to latch the keyring onto whatever you want or hang them in clear and plain sight near your PC/tech hardware, so you never lose them again.

UTOPER extra long lanyards

Last but not least, these are for people who really want to take USB drive security to the next level. You get two lanyards with heavy-duty buckles on the end and metal D-rings for added security. The lanyards are braided with soft microfiber leather rope, making them extremely durable and difficult to break. You can use these for USB drives and switch them out for ID badges, name tags, and keychains as you see fit.