If you get a really nice bottle, it might be too nice for the setting, but if you go cheap, well, you’ll look cheap. Tap or click here to see how well cheap wine stands up against expensive wine. How do you know which wine is best to bring without outright asking your friends? After all, you don’t want to admit you’re clueless. Thankfully, as with most things, there’s an app that can help.


When you’re not sure what kind of wine to buy for the various occasions that pop up throughout the year, turn to Vivino. Not only does it offer ratings, reviews and prices, but you can buy a bottle straight from the app. Vivino is free for both iOS and Android, and it’s perfect to use when you’re looking for wine-related pointers. RELATED: How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew If you’re already at a store and you’re certain you’d like a red, just scan a wine label and Vivino will reveal ratings, reviews and prices so you don’t overpay or buy something you won’t really enjoy. When you’re out at a restaurant, you can scan the wine list to get information about each kind of wine as well. Vivino can tell you everything from what grapes were used to what region the wine is from. As you taste and rate different wines, Vivino creates a taste profile for you. You can compare your tastes to more than 41,000,000 worldwide users and find people with similar tastes to share suggestions. Simply open the app, search for meats, cheeses, appetizers and snacks, aperitifs or one of the other pairing items, and Vivino will share a list of wines to enjoy with them. You can further filter the results by price, rating and even by grape type. Tap or click here to impress your friends with these MUST-try rosé wine cocktails for summer or show off your wine knowledge with Vivino’s regional wine information. Not sure which wines to keep on hand? The app allows you to search red, white, sparkling, rosé, dessert or port wines. And you can sort the results by rating, discounts, prices and popularity. If you’re curious about a certain region’s wine offerings, search in Napa Valley, Chile, France, Italy and more. The next time you’re on a date and you want to appear knowledgeable, pull out Vivino for a few facts about the wine they choose. Find the perfect bottle to bring to parties, or stock your wine rack with a tasteful variety. With Vivino, you’ll never have to worry about buying the right wine again. Impress your friends or hold a tasting. How you use the app is up to you. Salud!