WireOver, The Solution to Send Files Without Size Limits

The little software is free of charge and once you download and install the application users will be allowed to send as many files as they want without having a threshold breathing down their necks. The files are sent quickly and ad-free. The interface is quite intuitive and extremely easy to use. Just add the files, add the recipient’s email and the way they go. The transfer is done quickly and painlessly, or at least as quickly as your hardware or local connection will allow. You don’t have to worry about sending big files again with WireOver. Use the application to send huge files to your friends. Now, here’s a few neat tweaks this app brings along. If the transfer is interrupted because of low connectivity, let’s say, don’t panic, all it’s not lost. In fact, everything resumes right where it ended, even in the apocalyptic situation where your computer shuts down.  Also, sending a file will feel like sending a package. You can track every stage of the process until it reaches destination.The guys behind WireOver have done a great job making this start-up and I am sure it will soon garner more and more users in need.

No Limits, No Ads With WireOver File Transfer

I’ve always wanted a program that would allow me to send huge files, for free and so that I wouldn’t have to worry about a lost connection. WireOver seems to be that program that I was waiting for. To sum up, here are the main features of WireOver:

Send as many files as you want Send files as big as you want Sending is free, without ads Speedy transfer, according to your hardware or Internet connection Confidential transfers with Pro account Auto-resume of a lost transfer Ability to send folders, not only archives “Request Files” option No account needed

The best thing about this is that you don’t even need an account or a password to send and neither do your recipients. WireOver also offers the option of requesting files. Just tap on the “Request Files” button and the targeted file holder will be getting a link notification to an upload pad, from where the files are forwarded back to you.  And that’s not all. WireOver also takes really good care of your privacy. Opting for the Pro version of the app will make your transfers completely confidential. Even the guys in charge of the program wouldn’t be able to access your files. That’s pretty cool for those obsessed with being watched. Download WireOver [for Windows]