Security systems can be expensive, and not everyone wants to invest in equipment that has to be set up around the house. Thanks to this handy website, you don’t need to buy any expensive equipment. You just need the tech you already have on hand. Now you can turn your phone, tablet, or computer into a motion-activated security camera. It takes the hassle out of security and saves you time and money. If you aren’t sure what you want in a home security system, tap or click here for six essential features to look for before you purchase.

Why do you need a motion-activated security camera?

Not everyone can afford a security system, but all of us feel unsafe in our homes from time to time. If you live alone, any errant noise outside your bedroom at night can send you into a panic. A camera can alleviate some of those fears, capturing footage of whatever made that noise, giving you peace of mind. Have pets and going on vacation? Keep an eye on your crazy critters while you are out of town, setting up the camera in a convenient place to capture all their entertaining activities and make sure they stay out of trouble. This is great too if you have a job that keeps you away for long hours. Critter.Camera allows you to keep an eye on your home and pets while you’re at work. This is another great choice if you have issues with animals breaking into your basement and want to see what types of crazy critters are messing with your pipes or electrical wiring and giving you a headache.

What does Critter.Camera offer?

Critter.Camera allows you to turn your everyday electronics into motion-activated security cameras. This includes your cellphone, tablets and computers, giving you plenty of options to choose from. The tool is a secure option, storing information on your browser directly instead of transmitting it over the internet. Leaving no room for hackers to steal your videos. The camera inside your electronic devices is sensitive enough to pick up everything from a human being to an insect crawling across the floor.

How to use Critter.Camera

Set up is relatively easy no matter the device. Once your device is ready, point it in the direction you want to capture images. Launch the program and grant it access to your camera. It’s that easy. Here’s how to use Critter.Camera in five simple steps:

Choose a suitable location – Reflective surfaces, vibrations and changing light levels may result in false motion detection.Securely position device – The device should not be disturbed while it is recording motion.Press Start – Ensure there is no movement in the frame during the 2-minute calibration sequence.The device begins capturing – After calibration, the device will begin detecting motion and saving images.View saved images – Images can be viewed and downloaded via the browser.

This works the same for all platforms. Whenever something crosses the motion-activated camera, a snapshot will be taken and stored in your browser directly for you to view later. This is incredibly effective so expect to see multiple screenshots when you return, especially if you have pets.

Tips for optimal results

For the best results, point the camera at areas you want to keep an eye on. Their website suggests that pointing it towards the floor as opposed to an open room gives better results. You’ll want to avoid windows because the camera could capture outdoor activity that you don’t have an interest in. While Critter.Camera can be incredibly useful in your home for a variety of reasons, a word of caution. This product shouldn’t be used for spying on someone but rather for reasons of security and well-being. Looking for something more secure? Tap or click here for the best home security system available.