Fancy decorations can add up in cost, so you usually have to open your wallet if you want to paint the house orange to prepare. But, what if you could set the Halloween mood without breaking the bank? Thanks to smart assistants, from scary stories to spooky music and lighting techniques, you don’t need to spend big to kill it this Halloween. Here’s how to set a spooky Halloween mood using only your smart speakers.

Scary stories that make you jump

RELATED: Halloween movies ranked by BPM, or how much they get your heart pumping Simply ask Alexa to tell you a scary story. The stories, voiced by an actor, are meant for children, but you can also build your own. Using the Halloween blueprint feature, you can map out a blood-curdling tale and force Alexa to tell it to your friends. There’s also a Scare Me skill that tells shorter stories. If you ask Google Nest, you’ll get shorter stories that are more often humorous than scary, but they are still entertaining.

Play those spooky noises

If you want to terrify people, this feature can really pack a punch. Not only can you play a variety of spooky noises, but your smart speakers are also small enough that you can hide them in inconspicuous places like the inside of skulls or pumpkins or behind a potted plant for trick or treaters. Ask Alexa to play a Spooky Scream and tell her when. After a set amount of time, a genuinely terrible ear-piercing scream will play, loud enough to terrify even the most unsuspecting adults. You can also choose to ask Alexa to start Spooky Sounds or Spooky Halloween Sounds for a continual loop of creepy, blood-chilling noises that set the mood.

Who doesn’t love games?

Alexa can do everything, can’t she? There are dozens of Halloween-themed games to select from, or if you feel dangerous, let Alexa choose for you by saying, Alexa, let’s get Spooky! Here are some options:

The Magic Door – Think the Wizard of Oz, this game leads you down spooky paths and is packed with adventure.Ghost Detector – Who doesn’t want to be a ghost buster? This game allows you to capture ghosts for points.Haunted House – Ask Alexa to open Haunted House and get ready to play. In this game you move through different rooms of a haunted house and see what’s in store for you.

Halloween Music

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the Monster Mash, but Alexa has a countless array of other fun songs for you to listen to. You can ask Alexa to play Halloween music, and she’ll pull from one of your connected accounts like Spotify or YouTube.

What happened to the lights?

If you have other smart devices in your house and they are connected to Alexa, the sky is the limit for this one. You can set up your lights to go randomly on and off to terrify people or have your appliances and other speakers go crazy at just the right moment. There’s nothing better than making others actually believe your house is haunted, when in fact, it’s just Alexa having a good time. While Alexa is excellent during the Holidays, that’s not all she can do. Here are 20 Alexa commands you’ll wish you knew sooner.