At that time, Microsoft launched an app called “Get Windows 10” the app was shipped via Windows Update to all systems eligible for the upgrade. The app was meant to begin the upgrade process, but, it automatically downloaded the necessary files in the background and forced users to start the installation. Well, to speed up the process, Microsoft also changed the behavior of the X button in the top right corner from close to OK, which eventually triggers the Windows 10 upgrade process when users actually wanted to cancel it. Now a former Windows 7 user from Albuquerque, New Mexico says that his Windows 7 computer was upgraded to Windows 10 automatically. Guess what? the user also said that the new operating system made its computer completely useless. According to the lawsuit filed, the user was running Windows 7 on Asus 54L notebook. After the upgradation, his notebook “became non-functional”. Now the user is ready to sue both Microsoft and its CEO, Satya Nadella unless the company gives him back Windows 7 or $600 million in damages. According to the reports from The Register, Frank Dickman just wants to downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7 with the digital download and an activation code offered by the tech giant Microsoft, and unless the tech giant complies in 30 days, he will move this dispute to court. The lawsuit documents read “The only sensible remedy is for Microsoft Corporation to supply the OEM version of its operating system by download from its website and confirmed by the key code which came with the computer” “Failure of Microsoft Corporation and its CEO (Satya Nadella) to provide this function within thirty days of the provided summons should yield a payment from the two defendants to the plaintiff of a remedy… of six hundred million dollars.” So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.