The victim is from California and she claimed that Facebook had played the key role in exposing her secret identity to the people she dealt with in her professional life. The sex worker found that Facebook’s “People You May Know” section is suggesting people from her professional life. On closer look, she found that Facebook is suggesting people who were contacts on her “professional Facebook account” She said in an interview to Gizmodo, “The worst nightmare of sex workers is to have your real name out there and Facebook connecting people like this is the harbinger of that nightmare” “With all the precautions we take and the different phone numbers we use, why the f*** are they showing up?” Well, there is no rocket science behind this type of suggestions. As we all know Facebook tracks location of its users in every session and Facebook’s algorithms are clever enough to understand that the location of the sex worker and her client were together for a significant amount of time, and took them to be actual friends. There are also possibilities, that Facebook’s algorithm somehow managed to match the sex worker’s personal account with her professional account and started suggesting mutual friends. Well, the same thing could have happened for her clients’ accounts and they could have led her to blackmail the sex worker. So, if you are also having a secret identity and are looking to separate your professional and personal life. Then there are high chances that Facebook’s “Clever Algorithm” could find and expose you to the world. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.