The only way around this block is to use VPNs, which only a few can access. But control will now be further tightened with the government stating that VPNs are now banned. Surfing the Internet in China is tricky due to the limitations that are imposed. The freedom to access information does not exist, and it is due to the great China Firewall. Government control will soon be even greater with the imposition of new policies for the availability of VPNs, making it impossible for them to be used in the future. There are no defined rules to authorize its use, something that seems ambiguous and purposeful. All operators of this type of service are now required to apply for government authorization to provide the VPN service without any guarantee that authorization will be given. Although not clear, it is speculated that the idea of the Chinese government is not to prevent Internet access to foreign companies operating in the country. The focus will be on companies that provide VPN services to individuals and thus will no longer be able to do so. This will not be an immediate process as well, with the Chinese government announcing that the change will be made for a year, thereby completely eliminating Internet access outside its rules. This is just one more measure of the many that China has taken to control its citizens’ access to all foreign websites. Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many others are already inaccessible in the normal way, making it even more complicated to access it thanks to this new rule.