“Get It Right” is an educational warning system that is now being implemented by UK ISP’s BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, NOW TV and PlusNet. Get it right is a government-backed campaign acting for copyright owners who think that their content is shared on the internet without their permission. Recently The Pirate Bay user got an email from Sky, which is the premier Internet service provider in Britain. The email reads in part, as follows: “Sky, along with other internet service providers, is supporting the ‘Get It Right from a Genuine Site’ initiative. This initiative aims to support Britain’s creative industry by helping to reduce copyrighted material being shared illegally. We’ve been informed by owners of copyrighted material that the content below has been shared without their permission and we need your help in preventing this happening again.” The email lists an episode of HBO’s Westworld as an offending content. The email also contained the date and time of the alleged infringement along with the users IP address. The user who got this email says that he didn’t download the Westworld episode from any torrent site instead he watched it for 10 minutes on Popcorn time and received the email the following day. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.