Well, YouTube app is also available for those users who want to watch videos from the smartphone. YouTube app for Android is frequently updated, recently we have seen Google adding the offline feature on its mobile app that lets a user save YouTube videos. Well, many users face problem while navigating on the video toolbar on YouTube, because of small display size. So, to encounter this, Google just announced an impressive function that lets you rewind or fast forward videos just by holding the phone in one hand. So, for all the YouTube app users, now you just need to double tap on either side of the screen to go forward or backward 10 seconds in the playback. Well, this feature was noticed previous month by many users. However, at that time it wasn’t available for all users. Now it appears to be available to all users. Image Source: Android Police Let’s explain the feature a little bit more. Suppose, you need to go backward by 10 seconds you need to tap on the left-hand side of the screen two times, and if you want to go forward by 10 seconds, you need to tap on the right-hand side of the screen. So, try out this latest feature on your smartphone right now. If you are unable to use this function, then make sure to update the app from Google Play store or for iOS users update it from App Store. So, what do you think about this new feature? Share your experience after using this feature in the comment box below.