But, recently those responsible for the project incorporated a game store into the torrent client. It may sound quite odd to many users but, it is true that the popular torrent client for Windows, MacOS and Android has incorporated a game store into the torrent client. However, adding this new store to the uTorrent client is really a big deal and not only that even it is an amazing feature as well. But, here’s the strange thing is about this incorporation of the new feature is that it was introduced without any public announcements. Even, there was no press release, no blog post, not even a mention on the official Twitter account as well from the BitTorrent. But, apart from all these things now many of you might be curious to know that how this new feature works. uTorrent has introduced a Game Store in its popular torrent client. The store offers a variety of multi-platform games that users can purchase within the uTorrent itself. Although it looks promising, it is disappointing to find that we can not download our newly acquired games through uTorrent itself.

This new feature of uTorrent was introduced silently since there was no release or information on the project site itself as we told earlier. The only reference appears only in the changelog of the application. This will certainly be an alternative to direct advertising to monetize this torrent client. After purchasing a game through the uTorrent store, we are simply forwarded to the Steam platform to activate and obtain our purchase. So, what do you think about this new incorporation of Game Store? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.