Verizon is rolling out a new update for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge that improves the HD calling experience on the device and adds FM radio.

Almost all Qualcomm-powered Android devices sold in the United States come with hidden FM radio functionality that is disabled for some reason. With the latest software update, Verizon is simply enabling that hidden hardware to allow you to enjoy FM radio over today’s music streaming services that are very data hungry. Verizon is not bundling any FM radio app with the update so you will have to use an app like NextRadio from the Google Play Store to enjoy FM radio on your Galaxy S7. The changelog from Verizon also mentions that unintentional restarts and power offs have also been fixed for the S7 and S7 edge with this update. Verizon subscribers should also notice fewer dropped HD voice calls post the update. Lastly, the update also adds Barcode Beaming feature to the handsets. Barcode beaming will let you scan for event tickets, library cards, loyalty and membership cards that will be then directly added to Samsung Pay or apps like Beep’n’Go. For everyone concerned with security, the update also includes the August security patch from Google. As it is usually the norm with OTA updates, it should land on your device within the next few days if it is not already available for your device.