In mid-June of this year, both Sony and Verizon Wireless confirmed that the Xperia Z4v would be launching on the Big Red network sometime in the summer months. In fact, in July, it was confirmed that the device would be launching on August 13, bringing a Sony-branded flagship bag to Verizon after a lengthy hiatus. For those keeping track, though, the Xperia Z4v never made it to Verizon’s network, and, now well committed to the month of October, Verizon and Sony have finally announced what that means. Unfortunately for anyone looking forward to the device, it’s now been canceled. As it stands, Verizon and Sony have officially canceled the Xperia Z4v from launching in the United States, a move that will surely impact Sony’s already almost non-existent presence in the U.S. market when it comes to smartphones. As for the reasoning, a Sony spokesperson said that there were “technical difficulties,” but no further information was provided. As far as Verizon’s statement goes, the wireless carrier does state that it plans on continuing to work with Sony moving forward, even with this device’s cancelation: Were you looking forward to the Xperia Z4v?