On September 4, Motorola held an event behind closed doors to give some more details regarding the Moto X’s successor. Following that on early September 5, the new device was officially announced. The new Moto X offers a bigger display, beefy internals, and a camera that is supposedly much improved. According to Verizon, the Big Red carrier will officially carry the new Moto X soon (which wasn’t a surprise in the slightest). They made the announcement official following the unveiling of the device, but were pretty light on the details. That means that we’re still missing an official launch date to circle on the calendar, as well as any kind of pricing. However, while it may not be enough for some, Big Red did unleash a sign-up page for potential subscribers to be notified when there’s new information to be learned. You can find it in the source link below. Do you plan on picking up the new Moto X?