Serial gadget leaker Blass has a menagerie of images that show the new Droid Turbo 2 Droid Maxx, which are slated soon for Verizon’s network. The Droid Maxx looks just like a slightly tweaked Moto X ay, which Motorola is only selling outside the United States.  — Blass (@evleaks) October 23, 2015 Verizon’s signature feature of the Maxx 2 is a “shatterproof display” that also comes with a four-year warranty. Verizon recently teased that capability in a brief video. According to 9to5, Motorola had other goodies leak on its website before being taken down. As part of the Moto X Turbo’s Moto Maker customization you’ll be able to “refresh” the design at least once during a two-year period. esumably this would be some type of in-store work, as no one wants to ship off their phone for a few days just to get a new color scheme. — Verizon (@verizon) October 20, 2015 y this matters: Motorola certainly has the hardware prowess to build something like a shatterproof display. However, you may want to think twice about pulling the trigger on one of these phones if Android updates are critical for you. Motorola recently pulled the plug on its 2015 Moto E, any future updates would need to go through Verizon. However, if you want a robust phone that can take a beating, maybe this will be a good choice.