The biggest news comes from , which is adding some fixes new functionality to the G3. have reason to hope llipop will be coming to these devices soon, as it will be out in the wild Nov. 3 when the Nexus 9 starts hitting doorsteps.   Each week we gather up all the major software updates for the biggest devices; phones tablets on U.S. carriers ( unlocked phones, of course), wearables, round them all up so you don’t miss a thing. Making sure your device installs the latest software is a good housekeeping practice, ensuring you have the latest features, close security holes, squash those pesky bugs.


G3: tting the camera button on the lockscreen may not sound all that impressive, but it’s actually pretty useful for quickly snapping a photo. Verizon G3 owners finally get this in the VS98511C update. There are also improvements to the phone’s performance better connectivity with Verizon’s network. Unfortunately you’re still on Android 4.4.2, but hopefully that means they’re hard at work at getting it ready for llipop. 


Galaxy S4 Mini: This not-quite-a-flagship is getting an update that brings international -Fi calling, a security patch, some bug fixes. The calling feature means you can use a -Fi network to call anywhere worldwide, but it’s only free if dialing up U.S. territories erto Rico or the Virgin Isls or erto Rico.


Xperia:  Several of Sony’s devices are getting the ability to cast their screen to a Chromecast. The Z3, Z3 Compact, Xperia Z3v, Z2, Z2 Tablet are now in the party. They could already use Chromecast-enabled apps, but now they can replicate whatever is on the screen. It’s most beneficial to tablet users, who could use this for a presentation or classroom setting.


Don’t count on getting KitKat if you bought a Huawei Ascend Mate 2. The company posted on its blog (since taken down) it won’t be sending out KitKat to the phone, even though it just went on sale here in ly. So who knows what Huawei is up to, but if you have this phone maybe it’s time to explore a new device that will actually come with llipop.