Some flagship, budget, midle-of-the-road devices all got some worthwhile updates. So let’s check them out. Each week we compile all the major software updates for the biggest devices, including phones tablets on U.S. carriers, unlocked phones, Android ar watches. Making sure your device is running the latest available software is a good housekeeping practice, ensuring you have the latest features with fewer bugs gaping security holes.


Galaxy S5: It’s a minor but nonetheless important update for the last-generation flagship. The best feature is that you can now use the phone’s fingerprint scanner with Microsoft Exchange accounts. And like it or not, you’re also getting some bloatware in the form of Galaxy Apps, which are the rebred version of Samsung Apps. Hooray, bloatware.  Moto E: Sometimes you don’t need an expensive flagship phone to get the latest flavor of Android. The prepaid Moto E is moving all the way up to Android 5.1, bringing those improved -Fi/Bluetooth controls sound profiles. Verizon says the update should come over-the-air, but with a prepaid device you should make sure you’re on -Fi in order not to blow through all your data. G d 7.0: A big llipop update is coming to your small tablet. Verizon says you’re getting Android 5.0.2 all the new traits that come with llipop.  


G Flex 2: It’s always nice when a non-Nexus device jumps up to the most recent Android build. That’s the case with the G Flex 2, which is getting Android 5.1.1 via a Sprint update. It comes with all the new features found in Android 5.1, plus additional bug fixes. 


One M9: As we discovered this week, the HTC One M9 is getting a batch of improvements to its camera battery life. You’re still stuck on Android 5.0.2, but at least your pictures might turn out better. This is coming to the international version first before it’s pushed out to U.S. carriers.